Be part of the BURN-IN Summer Exhibitions 2019 | Fokus: GREEN ART | open call | deadline neu 30.4.2019

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For the third time, the contemporary BURN-IN gallery invites artists from all over the world to present their masterpieces on the topic of GREEN ART (paintings, graphics, photography, sculptures, installations) to the Viennese art public.

The BURN-IN mission
In July and August 2019, BURN-IN stages a paradisiacal, sensual gallery garden with surprising, scenographic effects, a place of amazement, contemplation and inspiration.

In short: BURN-IN emotionalizes with it's summer exhibitions, makes the public think about GREEN TOPICS and seduces art-collectors to buy art.

The metaphor cactus as inspiration

The cactus "captivates" in many ways: visually through its exposed thorns,, symbolically as a survivalist and as a master of resilience with an intoxicating effect.

You are convinced that your work and content interact perfectly with our theme of GREEN ART, inciting our audience in the truest sense?

Then present your work to the curatorial team!

Simply upload CV, images, project description and contact details. After curators meeting in mid-April, BURN-IN confirms binding participation in the Summer-Exhibitions.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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Exhibition July
2. - 22.7.2019 | Opening 2.7.2019
Exhibition August
13.-31.8.2019 | Opening 13.8.2019

BURN-IN Packages

1 m2€ 190
2 m2€ 390
4 m2€ 590
8 m2€ 1.090
10 m2€ 1.290
SOLO on inquiry

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Exhibition fees for nominated artists (including 20% VAT) | no costs for online application!

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   Images | Project discription | CV required


How does it work?

Present your work and describe your personal access to the GREEN TOPICS, including a meaningful statement.

Why do the submitted works contribute to a change in personal, social, economic and / or social climate change?

Style | focus

  • Lght Art
  • Photo Art
  • Painting (photorealism, abstract, reduced, figurative)
  • Installations | Objects | Sculptures (kinetic art)

BURN-IN offer



  • Curation
  • Online and offline marketing and PR promotions
  • Art Consulting & Sales
  • Price fixation Vienna market
  • 25% commission on sales


Gallery | location

  • Aabsolute center of Vienna | Embassy district
  • Art Nouveau building (1911) | 120m2, 4.50 m ceiling height
  • Huge windows for perfect visibility
  • High-tech lighting + multimedia equipment


Extraordinary cultural standing of Vienna

  • More than 2.7 million summer tourists
  • Majority has an affinity in art
  • Gallery and museum visits are at the top of the cultural program
  • Enormous buyer potential

Exhibition + Workshop + cultural Trip

Combine your participation in the exhibition with one of the BURN-IN vision and positioning workshops (pioneer workshops) for artists and enjoy an unforgettable cultural trip in Vienna on top! 

BURN-IN submission | conditions


  • Obligatory booking of paid packages for online submission (starting from € 190)
  • Gallery agreement
  • All prices incl. 20% VAT | no calculation of VAT with valid UID number


Method of payment

  • 50 % after positive curating decision

  • 50 % before opening of the exhibition

  • Proof of payment before exhibition opening obligatory | Paypal transfer is accepted (5% surcharge)


No costs for submission. The booking of a package obliges the submitter, in the case of a positive curator notice, to realize or pay for the package booked. Upgrades are possible, downgrades excluded.

No possibility of cancellation .




Be a Game-Changer!

With the vision and positioning workshops BURN-IN has created powerful programs for artists, who want to establish themselves successfully on the art market (medium to long-term strategy). 


  • Absolute exclusivity | BURN-IN focuses on your goals, needs and requirements
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • External independent expertise from BURN-IN professionals
  • 100% practive proven
  • Gallery and agency know-how for many years


  • Vision Work (Actual | Target)
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • The international art market today
  • Galleries | online sales | measuring | auctions
  • Artist USP (unique selling point)
  • Naming & branding
  • Design Thinking
  • Storytelling for artists - virtual campfire | Process from the briefing to the basic story to the actual campaign
  • Authentic positioning | target groups
  • Portfolio 
  • Corporate Design
  • Exhibitions
  • Press
  • Corporate homepages
  • Social Media (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, XING ...) 
  • Multimedia & Movies | interviews
  • Books, catalogues | curators


Sonja Dolzer

Further information about the program


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Sonja Dolzer | BURN-IN

Brand expert | gallerist
Partner of BURN-IN, study of business administration (corporate management and marketing), focus: emotional brand management, neuromarketing, art branding. Lives and works in Vienna and Linz.

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