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Sonja Dolzer, CEO BURN-IN


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Call for entries GreenART  2020
exhibition packages | rolling application!


Green, a time-out for the eyes and for the soul, is a political demand that has flowed into a movement and today more than ever demands a life that is beautiful and therefore meaningful.

Prof. Dr. Renate Vergeiner, arthistorian, Die Angewandte Wien
abstract from speech August 9th | Vernissage| BURN-IN Summer Exhibitions


Meaningfulness, BURN-OUT, BORE-OUT, BURN-IN, diversity, emotion and intuition have become the focus topics of BURN-IN in the past.

Since 2018, BURN-IN has been relying on the power and dynamism of GreenART, taking our audience into infinite tones of green, using it as the trend-setting source of inspiration. BURN-IN does not only want to show the unique beauty of planet, it also wants to encourage critical statements on negative global developments for the artistic interventions.

Because only  in a balanced and cultivated world, people, animals and plants can life in peace sustainably together,  creating meaningfulness for everyone.

First GreenART exhibitions have already left striking footprints. But we are just at the beginning! From 2020, we will go one step ahead and fully focus on this very important issue with highest relevance.





As part of the BURN-IN Summer Exhibitions, Prof. Dieter Volkmann (University of Bonn | Institute of Cellular and Molecular Botany) held an impressive lecture on the subject of Patterns - Aesthetic Art of Nature (August 2019).  His ideas have had a very strong impact to BURN-IN. The topic of co|evolution was born.  

co|evolution refers to an evolutionary process that describes the mutual adaptation of two strongly interacting partners to secure perfect reproduction.

This topic seems too abstract? With the BURN-IN gallery method we are offering  an effective tool that uses various creativity and communication techniques for  achieving the best results, emphasizing individuality and authenticity of your artworks.

Simply be inspired by the keywords, research, scour the own depot, develop new projects / works, write a first raw concept and  submit it online.

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Inspiration | keywords | procedures

BURN-IN screens and evaluates all submissions, checks their "fit" to the exhibition program, informs reliably about the decision, develops publicity-oriented exhibitions with the artists that are remembered and creating optimal conditions for successful cooperations. Professional call for entries, curating and accompaniment before, during and after the exhibition with PR, marketing and sales, convinced more than 100 artists in over 60 exhibitions with 1.000 artworks (as of 2019) and our art collectors and art lovers in the past.

Take a look behind the scenes and get a first insight of the past exhibitions 2015-2019 and call for entries.

We are looking forward to your compelling application! The topics of artistic photography, light art, painting (abstract, reduced, figurative, botanical, photorealistic), installations and sculptures (kinetic art) are particularly important to us.


For whom?

The current, rolling call for entries (without a fixed submission deadline) is addressed to empathic seismographs and non-conformists who, together with BURN-IN, set a sparkling statement of their work, exhibit it in the gallery and publish it in an innovative and global way (on- and offline).


Sonja Dolzer, CEO BURN-IN



  • Exhibition + storytelling concept
  • Duration of exhibition
    1 month incl. vernissage and Catering
  • hanging
  • art historian text
  • 25% commission on sold artworks
  • sales, after sales, hanging service
  • opening hours
    Tu-Fr: 10-12 pm, 1-6 am 
    Sa: by arrangement 
  • Additional modules | contracts
    long-term artist management incl. vision and strategy work, marketing and PR activities
    Management workshops, media events, shootings, cataluegs, books, films, visualizations, animations, storytelling


  • Artist presentation www.burn-in.at and BURN-IN social media channels | invitations, pricelists and exposé
  • presentation of the artwork of the month on the red wall
  • Invitations to BURN-IN subscribers
    and specific target groups
  • Rights of useof the BURN-IN image and film material (from corresponding exhibition)


  • Press release to at least 100 art journalists 

submit and book now

BURN-IN packages 2020


€ 1.000

Package basic *)

  • curation, creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Quantitative restrictions
    artworks | paintings 
    up to 5 m2
    up to 2 pieces (height 2 m)
    up to 5 pieces (height 1 m)


€ 1.900

Package comfort *)

  • curation, creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Marketing consulting including price- research and -fixing
  • Quantitative restrictions
    artworks | paintings 
    up to 10 m2
    up to 4 pieces (height 2 m)
    up to 10 pieces (height 1 m)


€ 3.500

Package premium *)

  • curation, creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Marketing consulting including price- research and -fixing,
    evaluation after the end of the exhibition
  • Solo exhibitionno quantitative restriction (artworks)
    postal invitations
    400 pieces | 21x21 cm | 6 pages panorama-folder,
    Multimedia presentation or visualization


starting € 5.000

customized offer *)

  • Briefing
  • Creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Marketing consulting including price- research and -fixing,
    evaluation after the end of the exhibition
  • Market opportunities and medium-term concept
  • Cataluegs, books, films, online campaigning, press releases, invitations, multimedia presentations, press breakfast according to offer and concept
  • external locations

*) Notes

No costs for submissions. When booking a package, the submitter accepts to realize and pay for the package booked, in case of positive curator's notice. Upgrades are possible, downgrades excluded. Cancellation: 50% up to 6 months before the exhibition, 100% from 3 months before the exhibition.

Payment: 50% after positive curator´s decision, 50% before the opening of the exhibition, proof of payment obligatory before the opening of the exhibition | Paypal transfer is also accepted (5% surcharge).

All prices excl. 20% VAT | no calculation of VAT with valid UID number.

About BURN-IN 

The contemporary BURN-IN Gallery.Agency is located in a historic building (1911) in the Vienna's embassy district and offers innovative arts management through blending the stationary gallery with cutting edge online-services.

The art purchase as an exciting experience that has to be enjoyed with all the senses, online and of course offline in the gallery.

We create the big pic by weaving the current exhibition event with the newly established art-collections and the online depot. The perfect exhibition documentation makes it possible! Embark on a fascinating online journey, visit the individual exhibitions, immerse yourself in the wonderful photo galleries, delve into the contents, get to know artists better, find out more about the details and prices in the exposés ....

Since 2008 BURN-IN has been working actively at the crossroads between business and the arts and thus creates sustainable impulses and values for companies and organizations with strategic art interventions. BURN-IN art-branding experts create significant values for entrepreneurs, the environment and artists.

Whether contemporary art, photographic or light art, abstract, figurative or sculptural, BURN-IN delivers high-quality art from the depot and enchantes with exquisite commissioned artworks unique spaces.

It's time to rethink "old" strategies. Invest in sustainability and uniqueness. Your job is our mission.

BURN-IN, fire and flame for  the arts.