Services for art collectors

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I. gallery operation

The credo of the contemporary BURN-IN gallery:
Openness towards new and international affairs.  Annual call for entries, selection of artists, creating and curating of monthly exhibitions.

  • Since 2014, BURN-IN has managed more than 50 exhibitions with 97 artists and 1,000 artworks
  • Location: 1040 Vienna Argentinienstraße 53
  • Art Nouveau Building (1911 | Arch. Carl Jagersberger)
  • 120 m2
  • opening hours: Tue-Fr. 10-12AM | 1-6PM
    Sa. 10AM-3PM and on request

II. online depot

The USB ART report documents that 9% of art sales are already made online, and the trend is increasing. This opens up new international opportunities for BURN-IN in the future. In 2009 BURN-IN started the online depot and will expand to further external sales platforms (ARTSY, Artnet, Saatchi).

The current BURN-IN online depot offers:

  • 655 artworks
  • 13 artists
  • value 2 M €

III. additional offers

  • commissioned art
  • limited editions
  • art consulting
  • planning, visualization, hanging service