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Vathy Gkreki #140236 double

about the artwork

Vom Blitz gezeichneter Baum im Naturschutzgebiet Vathy Gkreki

Medium: Fuji Crystal Archive glänzend
Kaschierung: 6 mm Acryl glänzend
Rahmen: keiner
Aufhängung: Alu-Schienen

Photography / Paper / Modern / Abstract / GreenART
Ares Yannakopoulos

Ares Yannakopoulos


Characteristics and Vita

Ares Demetrios Yannakopoulos (ADKY) was born in Zurich in 1970, studied law in Munich, has worked successfully for many years as a management consultant and lawyer and started 2018 with the presentation of his photographic art in Kitzbühel and Munich.

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Ares Yannakopoulos Ares Yannakopoulos

Vathy Gkreki #140236 double (2014)

Photography Paper
50 x 50 x 0 cm

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Limitierte Auflage

Certificate of authenticity

signed by the artist

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