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Andrea Langensiepen

Andrea Langensiepen

Andrea Langensiepen

Austria | 28 Kunstwerke im online-Depot

There are no rules. That's how art is created. That's how breakthroughs are made. Break the rules or ignore them, that's what (artistic) intervention is all about.
Helene Frankenthaler, US painter

Characteristics and Vita

Andrea Langensiepen was born in Vienna in 1964 and worked successfully for many years as an art director for major Italian fashion labels. In 2006 she founded her own design agency in Tyrol and at the same time started a broad artistic education. Hubert Scheibl, Peter Casagrande, Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Prof. Hermann Nitsch and Prof. Christian Ludwig Attersee had a strong formative influence on the artist. Langensiepen is a passionate painter who has devoted her entire life to the question of how the new comes into the world. Her questions are complex. What is art? What is creation? What gives us the power to create the new? What is visible to whom, when and why? What issues touch the individual, society, the art maker? How do themes and art per se change in a temporal context?

Through this complex contemplation and its artistic realization, the empathic seismographer and authentic storyteller opens unexpected horizons marked by enormous creativity, professionalism and non-conformity. Imprints that were additionally fueled by her great uncle and academic painter Andreas Einberger and your eminent teachers, all great free spirits.


Langensiepen himself perceives art as the great secret of letting go, of breaking free from the usual interpretive framework, of freeing oneself from conventions and constraints. By crossing decisive thresholds, the longed-for entry into the creative rush of creation and activity (flow) succeeds, which is considered the ultimate element of creative design for the optimal fathoming of potential. Langensiepen describes this as her great journey, whose paths and goals she only recognizes when they reveal themselves to her, as a creative act, as an odyssey through all her realities.

In her preferred format, painting, she is able to pursue her enthusiasm for colors and shapes and their composition in an open process. She breaks away from the superficial, the visible and searches for what lies beneath the surface.

In her works, the artist approaches the painting layer by layer. There is no restriction to certain techniques or styles. Breaking away from the existing gives creative creations the space to grow. Her works understand themselves as an open process and are an uninterrupted series of departures and distortions.


Guided by intuition, impulsiveness and an eye for detail, she manages to capture the fullness of the world in the complexity of composition. The transformation process that takes place is for her the perpetual search for answers to questions that have never been asked.

Langensiepen's abstract free painting takes you into the world of nature, mythology and happiness. In the spirit of Theodor W. Adorno, natural beauty merges here with art beauty.

Since 2021 exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Andrea Langensiepen lives and works in Ellmau (Tyrol).


Good things sometimes take time. BURN-IN got to know the artist back in 2018. Together they started with projects in coaching, consulting and storytelling. The close, confidential and very appreciative collaboration finally led to a longer-term gallery representation in 2023. With the solo exhibition IM REICH DER WEISSSCHATTEN in the traditional department store Gerngross, they conceived the first BURN-IN solo exhibition of the artist in Vienna.

Langensiepen inspires with her incomparably professional approach. In each of her works, you can feel the passion and perfection of the painter, who describes the creative act, as her own personal odyssey through all realities. But that's not all. Her artworks tell abstract pictorial stories, which are often accompanied lyrically.

The first art book entitled ANDREA LANGENSIEPEN was published in 2022 and gives a comprehensive overview of her work and includes two short stories by BURN-IN founder Sonja Dolzer.

BURN-IN recommends Langensiepen's works for private and institutional collectors. This is because Langensiepen's abstract, free painting is dedicated to the triad of nature, mythology and happiness, perfectly reflecting BURN-IN's themes of meaning, sustainability and GreenART. Thus, together with BURN-IN, she creates interesting innovative approaches for organizations that want to strategically shape corporate culture and communication with art and thus create sustainable values (keyword corporate collections, art branding, corporate culture).

With Andrea Langensiepen, BURN-IN represents from January 2023 another solitaire in the portfolio, which will succeed internationally in the future.

online Depot

Morpheus II
Paintings, 100 x 140 cm
€ 7.000
Weissschatten – Unruhe unter Blütenweiss
Paintings, 160 x 100 cm
€ 8.000
Weissschatten II – Botanische Revolution
Paintings, 100 x 160 cm
€ 8.000
Photography, 100 x 66 cm
€ 3.900

Artistic career


  • June 2020 | Successfully completed master class Prof. Markus Lüpertz
  • 2017-2020
    • Prof. Markus Lüpertz | Studies Drawing & Painting Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor
    • Reinhold Braun, Fritz Dickgieser, Leander Kresse, Arnim Tölke | Studies Drawing & Painting Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor
  • 2019
    • Ralph Gelbert | Acts of Creation between Chaos and Cosmos | Bad Reichenhall Art Academy
    • Matthias Kroth | Free and Figurative Painting Art Academy | Bad Reichenhall
  • 2018 | Hubert Scheibl | Processual Painting, Gedächtnisrestl & Entschleunigung | Summer Academy Salzburg
  • 2017
    • Manfred Bodenhöfer | Body in Motion - Freedom Nude | Academy of Contemporary Art Gaienhofen
    • Summer Academy Prof. Markus Lüpertz | Encounter as Inspiration - Free Painting | Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor
    • Conny Himme | Intensive Study Painting & Drawing | Bremen
  • 2016
    • Gerhard Almbauer | Abstraction on Canvas | Academy of Fine Arts Bad Reichenhall
    • Summer Academy Prof. Markus Lüpertz | Encounter as Inspiration - Free Painting | Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor
    • Conny | Himme Dance of Lines & Portrait Drawing | Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor
  • 2015
    • Prof. Christian Ludwig Attersee | The investigation of the 2 big blues | Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor
    • Peter Casagrande | Departures and distortions | Academy of Fine Arts Bad Reichenhall
    • Hubert Scheibl | Painting Photo Film | Academy of Fine Arts. Kolbermoor
  • 2014 | Peter Casagrande | Departures and Distortions | Academy of Fine Arts Bad Reichenhall
  • 2012 | Anna Stegman | Creative Writing | Summer Academy Venice
  • 2011 | Peter Casagrande | Large Format Painting | Academy of Fine Arts Bad Reichenhall
  • 2010 | Prof. Hermann Nitsch | School of sensual possibilities of experience | Art Academy Bad Reichenhall
  • 2008 - 2010 | Johann Nussbächer | Spontaneous painting | Art Academy Bad Reichenhall
  • 2006 | Beginning with artistic work photo, texts & painting


  • 2023 | IN THE REALM OF WHITE SHADOWS | BURN-IN Gallery, Vienna, Austria
  • 2023 | Gifts of Art - 6ª Edizione | Divulgarti Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, Genoa, Italy
  • 2022 | Quest - The Frabe von Glück | Galerie Meinlschmidt, Balingen, Germany
  • 2022 | Quest | Die Kunstagenten, Kitzbühel, Austria