crossfire of daily life
06.11.2018 to 30.11.2018

Nov 2018

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Being human means being conscious and responsible.

Dr. Viktor Frankl | Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist (1905-1997)

In November 2018, BURN-IN shows five young Iranian artists who confidently and fearlessly process their own personal, explosive experiences in their art and thus provide us with meaningful, thought-provoking, statements.

The themes of hope for peace, dependencies, addictions, autonomy, knowledge of the dark side and its positive handling and transfer to the international public, accompany the work of the artists who currently live in Iran, Canada and Norway.

The exhibition was shown in September 2018 at the S9 Gallery in Oslo (Norway) and was highly successful.

Künstler Info

Leila Fathi (IR)

Leila Fathi (born 1978) is an Iranian artist living in Vancouver. Since childhood she has been influenced by art. She comes from a well-known family of artists and became a very early member of the Institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults. She holds a master's degree in illustration (Azad University for Art and Architecture | 2006) and also studied painting with Professor Karim Naser (2001-2009). Fathi's exhibitions took her to Tehran, Dubai, Toronto, Beirut and Oslo.

Social empathy forms the basis of her work. The constant interaction with current events (personal environment and society) are driving her work.

The current project: thoughtless being. She believes in a better future, in the extension of peace in culture and art, and in the eradication of stupidity. The rhino and its extinction become the symbol for it.


Saeedeh Jaberianmahmoud (IR)

Saeedeh Jaberianmahmoud (born 1987) is an Iranian artist living in Oslo. She has a degree in electronics and computer engineering. After her studies in technology she started to become artistically active. Her fascination, or as she says herself, her obsession with color and the artistic figure moved in her absolute focus. As an autodidact she devoted herself primarily to the topic of "Women and their influence on the arts". Numerous exhibitions in Iran followed, including a group exhibition that was opened by ex-president Khatami. In 2017, Jaberianmahmoud moved to Oslo.

Focus: Most of her work refers to  the world of women and tries to do so without prejudice. She always strives to show everything in true detail as it is in reality. In her opinion, that's the best way to understand things. Nothing more is needed.

Pedram Lasani (IR)

Pedram Lasani / (born 1979) is an Iranian contemporary photographer, studied fashion photography in Central Saint Martins Collage of Art and Design in London and now for over 10 years he has his own studio that shoots for advertising, modeling and portrait.

His obsession is stage and creative photography. His first solo exhibition (2003), which was about earthquake, was in Tehran and he continued with several solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, London, Tirana (Albania), Paris and recently in Art Fair Genova  (Italy).

“The Necessity of Sin”, his latest collection, in collaboration with Asra Madani is a stage photography about forbidden fruit, goodness and badness in modern world. What if Adam and Eve did not have forbidden fruit. Existing of earth and human being would be a big question. It is necessary to have darkness in life, get knowledge about it and make a path to lightness.

Asra Madani (IR)

Asra Madani studied industrial design and business administration. She worked with Pedram Lasani on the project of the collection of The Necessity of Sin which brought social sensations into conceptual photography.



Mehdi Mansouri (IR)

Mehdi Mansouri (born 1976, Tehran) is an Iranian contemporary photographer and a member of National Iran Photography Society. For over 10 years he was shooting for advertisement, modeling and portrait photos.

Each collection of his photo collages narrates a story inspired by his life experiences and his inside and outside condition and contains subjects like Birth, Dead and consciousness as well as stages like Marriage, Separation, Wealth, Love, Hate, Fame, Addiction and so many other challenges that human being struggle with nowadays. The stories are sometimes straight forward and the other times refers to an old tale. He had several exhibitions in Iran, France, Italy and Albania.

Madam Butterfly, his latest collection: The lady falls in love with a gentleman, achieved him, lost him and she believes she has no choice but to suicide. We find things, make an identity out of them and die in them or wake up our consciousness?
Some times some dependence in life is more like addiction that getting ride of them is not getting suicide but getting stronger.