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Künstlervorstellung Tilde Anna Jäger


Künstlervorstellung Tilde Anna Jäger

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Martin Schwarz
Martin Schwarz (CH)

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For over 10 years, Sonja Dolzer has been working at the interface between business and art. With BURN-IN Galerie.Agentur, the business economist founded a think-, do- and sense factory for artists, companies, communities and art collectors in 2009. In her scientific work Return on Culture she deals with the effects of art in organizations and regions and describes the long-term effects on society, companies (employees, customers, stakeholders) and countries.

Art and culture worldwide have something that creates identity and meaning, something sensual. With art and nature, the contemporary BURN-IN Gallery sets its focus on raising awareness and acting responsibly in the sense of our planet (GreenART, sustainability and sense-making).

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Immerse yourself in our extensive online depot with more than 1.000 works and choose your very own masterpieces.

Now new! Discover our exclusive collections on relevant topics and get to know our emerging artists, art movements and trends with special potential. Or benefit from our professional art consulting without any consulting fee. Simply send a briefing with all relevant information to us. We will deliver our suggestions and offers in a timely manner.

Experience breathtaking originals from the BURN-IN portfolio!

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BURN-IN for artists

  • You want to know completely new ways in the art business?
  • An Austrian gallery that represents you in the longer term?
  • You would like to present your positions on the Viennese market, test market opportunities and market value?


General application for gallery representation.

Convince BURN-IN of the excellence of your work, then we look forward to a future-oriented, longer-term collaboration with you.

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Vision and positioning workshops FIRST MOVER for artists.

Use the excellent know-how of BURN-IN and benefit from the successful networking of management and art.

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Rolling exhibition application on the themes of GreenART, Sustainability and Meaningfulness.

Apply as an external art creator for exhibition at BURN-IN.

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Flow and the rhythm of momentum Ondrej Kohout | 2017

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BURN-IN Mission

A work of art reveals a lot about its owners. It tells the world what inspires you, what moves you, what your passion is.

It reveals things and values you believe in. It makes you think. When boldly chosen, it polarizes and engages in dialogue. Changes lives in a lasting way. That's exactly why BURN-IN exists.

With us, you can immerse yourself in the igniting on- and offline world of BURN-IN and grab true masterpieces. Whether it's contemporary, photographic or light art, abstract, figurative or sculpture, BURN-IN delivers high quality from the depot and conjures up valuable living environments with commissioned art.

Commissioned art paired with strategic management also ignites business. We are the experts around art branding. This is the state-of-the-art method of BURN-IN, which revitalize companies or brands with artistic intervention, charge them with relevant values and create significant added value for entrepreneurs, the environment and artists.

It's time to rethink "old" strategies. Invest in sustainable, unique things. Your vision is our mission.

BURN-IN, we burn for art.