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Offers for artists

I. Gallery representation and management

BURN-IN currently manages 20 artists and offers the following services:

  • BURN-IN exhibitions and fairs
  • Press and marketing
  • Customer acquisition
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project support
  • online artist portrait
  • online depot

II. Marketing and PR

BURN-IN's long-standing expertise in marketing and the arts and its short in-house communication channels guarantee effective strategies for artists that contribute significantly to sustained success.


  • PR and marketing concepts positioning | development of an artistic    
    signature / brand
  • All online and offline agency services.
    • Homepages
    • Social media
    • Catalogs
    • Books
    • CI developments ...

III. Pioneer Workshops

BURN-IN develops new positioning strategies and USPs for arts professionals in face-to-face or digital workshops that authentically make visible their pioneering role in both artistic creation and communication.


  • Vision Work
  • SWOT
  • Artist USP
  • Positioning
  • Naming, branding, design thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Social media & homepages

  more about the pioneer workshop

IV. Exhibitions for external artists

BURN-IN addresses call for proposals to external artists from all over the world and invite them to submit their artistic positions and concepts on the themes. BURN-IN selects relevant works, develops the exhibitions together with the artists, and curates, manages and markets them.


  • call for entries & selection
  • Curated monthly exhibitions
  • Planning and realization
  • Management, marketing and PR
  • Sales

General advertising for gallery representation    
Submit here if you are seeking longer-term gallery representation.