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Call for entries ROAD to GREEN ART 2018/19
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Nothing in history of life is more constant than change!

Charles Darwin, British naturalist

At BURN-IN, 2018 is all about reorientation and change. This also includes the repositioning of the gallery!

Focusing on the ROAD to GREEN ART, we are breaking into new horizons. The topics meaningfulness, values, BURN-OUT will also accompany us in 2019 and play a fundamental role. In addition, the GREEN ART explores the personal, social, economic and social climate change and leads us with the exhibitions certainly on many, not yet unforeseeable, side tracks.

Special: with our new interdisciplinary project on the topic of women, media & art, we will set another BURN-IN focal point, give it a fitting space and thus take a noteworthy step. GREEN ART not only in the botanical sense, but much broader in the direction of  positive change, an exciting journey!

The current rolling call (for the first time without a fixed submission deadline) addresses empathic seismographs and nonconformists who, together with BURN-IN, set a sparkling statement of their work, exhibit it in the gallery and publish it in cutting edge methods.

The contemporary BURN-IN gallery in Vienna's embassy district offers professional art management. The profound online activities ensure international attention and also facilitate after exhibition sales. The considerable expansion of the sales area speaks for itself and creates new potential.

The purist ambience of the historic gallery space (built in 1911) provides an exclusive setting.

In addition, BURN-IN has been actively working in the field of tension between business and the arts since 2008 and, with artistic interventions, provides valuable impulses for companies and organizations. Thus, the gallery ignites business, because we are the experts around art branding. In this way, we enliven companies and charge them with relevant values. Significant added value is created for entrepreneurs, the environment and artists.

Whether contemporary, photographic or light art, abstract, figurative or sculptural, BURN-IN delivers high-quality items from the depot and conjures with exquisite art exquisite environments.

It's time to rethink "old" strategies. Invest in sustainability, uniqueness. Your order is our mission.

BURN-IN, we're burning for art.

We are looking forward to your compelling application! The topics of artistic photography, light art, painting (abstract, reduced, figurative, botanical, photorealism), installations and sculptures (kinetic art) are particularly close to our hearts.

Archive of past exhibitions 2015-2018 | Archive of past call for entries


With the annual ART AWARD BURN-IN fosters artistic concepts with absolute excellence and addresses lateral thinkers from all over the world. Diversity is program.


Take your chance and convince us of your exceptional concepts.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Sonja Dolzer, CEO BURN-IN gallery

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  • Exhibition concept + storytelling concept
  • Duration of exhibition
    1 month incl. vernissage and Catering
  • hanging
  • art historian text
  • 25% commission on sold artworks
  • customer service incl. hanging service
  • opening hours
    Tu-Fr: 10-12 pm, 1-6 am 
    Sa. 10 am - 3 pm Uhr (new starting Sept. 2018)
  • Additional modules | contracts
    long-term artist management incl. vision and strategy work, marketing and PR activities
    Management workshops, media events, shootings, cataluegs, books, films, visualizations, animations, storytelling



  • Artist presentation on www.burn-in.at, BURN-IN social media channels and at the opening of the exhibition incl. online-work-list & exposé
  • Presentation of the artwork of the month on the red wall
  • Invitations to BURN-IN subscribers and specific target groups
  • Rights of use of the BURN-IN image and film material (from corresponding exhibition)



  • Press release to at least 100 cultural journalists 

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BURN-IN packages 2018/19

€ 900

Package basic *)

  • Creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Quantitative restrictions
    artworks | paintings 
    up to 5 m2
    up to 2 pieces (height 2 m)
    up to 5 pieces (height 1 m)

€ 1.800

Package comfort *)

  • Creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Marketing consulting including price- research and -fixing
  • Quantitative restrictions
    artworks | paintings 
    up to 10 m2
    up to 4 pieces (height 2 m)
    up to 10 pieces (height 1 m)

€ 3.500

Package premium*)

  • Creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Marketing consulting including price- research and -fixing,
    evaluation after the end of the exhibition
  • Solo exhibitionno quantitative restriction (artworks)
    postal invitations
    400 pieces | 21x21 cm | 6 pages panorama-folder,
    Multimedia presentation or visualization

starting € 5.000

customized offer*)

  • Briefing
  • Creation exhibition concept including project support
  • Marketing consulting including price- research and -fixing,
    evaluation after the end of the exhibition
  • Market opportunities and medium-term concept
  • Cataluegs, books, films, online campaigning, press releases, invitations, multimedia presentations, press breakfast according to offer and concept

*) Notes

No costs for submissions. When booking a package, the submitter accepts to realize and pay for the package booked, in case of positive curator's notice. Upgrades are possible, downgrades excluded. Cancellation: 50% up to 6 months before the exhibition, 100% from 3 months before the exhibition.

Payment: 50% down payment after positive curator´s decision, 50% before the opening of the exhibition, proof of payment obligatory before the opening of the exhibition | Paypal transfer is also accepted (5% surcharge).

All prices excl. 20% VAT | no calculation of VAT with valid UID number.

Gallery method & buzzwords

BURN-IN developed a special procedure based on various creativity and communication techniques, based on the individuality and authenticity of the individual.

Process: Be inspired by the stimulus words, scan your own depot, create new works and develop a raw concept.
Online application for 2018 and 2019. Due to the repositioning, some free slots are available at short notice.