• Sonja Dolzer (BURN-IN) | Marife Nuñez & Sara Coronil (Es.ARTE)
  • Marife Núñez (Es.ARTE)  | Pedro Pizarro (Picasso Foundation) | Manuel Anguita
  • Es.ARTE Galerie | Marbella
  • Es.ARTE Galerie | Marbella
  • Es.ARTE Galerie | Marbella
  • Es.ARTE Galerie | Marbella
  • Sonja Dolzer (BURN-IN) | Marife Nuñez  (Es.ARTE)

Es.ARTE Opening | Zusammenarbeit zwischen BURN-IN & Es.ARTE

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BURN-IN proudly presents....
Cooperation between Es.ARTE (Marbella) and BURN-IN (Vienna)
Exhibition opening: 10.11.2017, 7 pm Marbella


Marifé Nuñez opened her gallery in July 2017. She is a gallery owner, artist and advertising agency owner out of passion. Marifé was born in Córdoba, lived in Belgium from her childhood and completed graphic and photography studies in Málaga and London and received her master's degree in economics and marketing.

Nuñez has participated in two very successful BURN-IN exhibitions in Vienna in the past

In the series LAYERS OF LIFE she works not only with different layers in her pictures, but also wants to reach other levels of consciousness. Her pictures are based on photographs printed directly on aluminum, wood, plexiglas or on painted backgrounds. Collages complement the painted surfaces, but the transparency of the underlying digital layers is preserved. Her experimental portraits are processed critically with quotations from the past and famous pictures of the art history.

The two exhibitions where followed by several meetings and sparking art transfers in Marbella and Vienna until it finally came to the coop. The joint interdisciplinary background (art | management | marketing), the international orientation and the enthusiasm for experimentation at the interface between art and economy were certainly decisive.
Together, we are exploring new paths in the art business and exploiting synergies that are fruitful for both galleries and sustainably strengthen us.

The BURN-IN partner gallery ES.ARTE convinces through a wonderful ambience. Thus, the contemporary gallery creates an adequate exhibition space for expressive, emotionalizing exhibitions.

Exhibition Flashes of Genius from Vienna to Marbella

In November 2017, five established BURN-IN artists will present fifteen works on our "Emotions & Intuition" issue in the exhibition "Flashes of Genius from Vienna to Marbella", thus setting an "internal" counterpoint to the Viennese exhibition series.

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We look forward to the collaboration and the exhibition in Marbella.