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A. Tailored exhibition-packages for artists

Diversity contra Identity? Values  & Culture.

BURN-IN has created tremendous interest with the exhibition Diversity in December 2014. Audience and artists appreciate the theme, but many submitted projects couldn't be shown at the gallery. Therefore BURN-IN decided to step deeper into the contemporary issue in 2016, designing  and organizing 12 homogeneous but thrilling monthly exhibitions, which emotionalize, by showing different positions with critical, but also constructive insights.

Sidestep: BURN-IN's think tank uses these exhibitions of the gallery, showing the effects of art-intervention to organizations offering coaching-formats for companies, which want to initiate processes of change. Focus lays on the development of vivid corporate cultures with authentic identities and  teams. Because diversity creates, as many notable studies have shown, sustainable values to companies.  

Lived plurality as a competitive factor, but also as an element of global understanding and peace. A challenge for all participants!

What does BURN-IN's gallery-method stand for?

BURN-IN creates a special procedure, which bases on several creativity and communication techniques, supporting individuality and authenticity of artists.  

Result: Attractive exhibitions for the audience, which will be remembered for a long time. BURN-IN creates efficient frameworks (themes, call for entries, curating, attendance, exhibition, PR, Marketing, Sales) and represents artists  to art collectors and companies in a competent manner.

Process: Allowing yourself an inspiration by the keywords presented, comb through your imaginary depot and develop a first raw concept. BURN-IN is looking forward to your online-submission for 2016. 

Team of curators: Mag. Polzer, Mag. Jascha, Mag. Köpke and Dkfm. Dolzer.

Diversify your art-strategy! 
The art-market sector is developing and access possibilities to the market are clearly increasing!


Keywords | Buzzwords


online-submission 31st January 2016 at the latest
exhibitions January to December 2016 | monthly

concept & sequence







Association submission due to buzzwords

step 1: online-submission (project description, CV, appropriate images, desired dates)
            Use our individual consultancy opportunities!

step 2: jury's decision

step 3: binding conversation with BURN-IN (gallery, telephone, skype | duration approx. 2 h)

step 4: exhibition attendance including consultance and curatation

no costs for online-submissions 
Please note, if making the online-submission, you give a binding commitment, that you will realize your presented project in the chosen package-format and time period, if the jury has selected your submitted artwork.

  • The short thread
    Basic package for an advanced art-concept, that can be integrated simply to the concept of the exhibition.
    Quantitive restriction
    Paintings: up to 5m2, not depending to the number of artworks
    Sculptures: 3 pieces max. (height 2m) or 10 pieces (height 1 m)
    € 800 excl. 20% VAT
  • The long thread 
    Comfort-package for an integral,  globally  project monitoring with artistically, arthistorically and  brandoriented, economically viable focus.
    Quantitive restriction

    Paintings: up to 10 m2, not depending to the number of artworks
    Sculptures: 6 pieces max. (height 2 m) or 15 pieces max. (height 1 m)
    € 1.500 excl. 20% VAT
  • The excellent thread 
    Premium-package for an integral, globally project monitoring with artistically, arthistorically and brandoriented, economically viable focus. 
    No quantitive restriction, incl. postal invitations (400 pc. 21x21 cm max.), Folder (21x21 cm, 4 pages), multimedia-presentation (10 pages)
    € 3.000 excl. 20% VAT
    The awarded thread
    Special prize.  BURN-IN gives an award for an artistic concept with absolute excellence and is presenting it free in a monthly exhibition.
  • ​​​Further information
    Payment: 50%  advance payment if jury decision is positive. 50% at the opening of the exhibition,  proof of payment obligatory prior to the opening/ we accept Paypal transfer (surcharge 5 %).

BURN-IN Services

  • Presentation of the artist on , social media and during the opening
  • Presentation of the artwork of the month on the red wall
  • Press release to 100 journalists in the field of economic/art
  • BURN-IN invitations to 2.000 art lovers, enterprises and organisations via e-mail newsletter
  • Sales exhibition | 25%  commission to sold artworks

B. Tailored packages for artists

BURN-IN membership

BURN-IN Services

  • usage of art-branding know-how incl. academically study (return on culture and business-concept for visual artists) and cooperations like "the building as a brand ambassador"
  • platform-presence with individual artist-portrait | userspecific application to the editorial, google optimated homepage, 100 artworks max. in online-shop
  • tools of communication: magazine “The usage of art strategically | Kunst strategisch einsetzen | agency-book “Insights” | folder “the building as a brand ambassador" |  more details & downloads:
  • direkt-marketing and PR: 3 newsletters min. to enterprises and organisations | in-house database with 20.000 companies incl. company-specific depth data | all 350.000 austrian enterprises | 2 press-release min. to journalists

    Optional: collective fairs, exhibitions, workshops


  • membership: € 500 admission fee | € 20 per month | 25% provision for artsales and art-branding projects | minimum duration: 2 years
  • Cooperation-projects/ | Marketing- and PR packages up to € 2.500 per year according to the range of services | minimum duration: 2 years
  • Claim | Requirement

    Artists with firmly established brand | channels of communication – clear market-positioning | successfully communication (PR) and strategy – goal:  development and  optimization of the strategy | min. 2 projects of cooperation with BURN-IN

    Artists to establish new brands – goal: joint development of a medium-term strategy with BURN-IN 

individual artists- PR and marketing packages

PR services for artists 

Dolzer & Partner is – together with the artist – developing a written, detailed PR-concept and is realizing it within the period of performance.

  • strategy-workshop (actual-condition-analysis and target-planning)
    1 Meeting | duration: 3 hours
  • creation of a briefing. Presentation of conceivable PR-activity
  • decision making of the activities and realization of the PR-concept incl. fixing of the budget
  • realisation of PR-activities
  • 4 press-releases per e-mail or post
    400 international contact persons max.
  • Design of all PR-releases incl. text, address-material, e-mail release, excl. image materials, special advertising material and postage…
  • Reporting
  • 5 hours max. consulting, coaching, support
  • -defined PR-packages € 2.000 per year | minimum duration 2 years | recommendation 3-5 years | individual  contracts according to effort

Marketing supervision for artists
Dolzer & Partner is – together with the artist – developing a written, detailed branding/marketing-concept and is realizing it within the period of performance.

  • strategy-workshop (actual-condition-analysis and target-planning)
    2 Meeting | duration: 3 hours

  • creation of a briefing. Presentation of  conceivable PR- and marketing-activities,  outlining of the optimal mix of communications

  • resolution of activities and finishing of marketing-concept incl. framework of budgeting

  • realisation of marketing-activities in the performance period

  • reporting

  • 5 hours max. consulting, coaching, support
  • defined marketing packages € 3.000 per year | minimum duration 2 years | recommendation 3-5 years | individual contracts according to effort

Combi-Package (PR und Marketing)

  • Definded Single-packages PR or Marketing € 3.500 per year

All prices excl. 20 % VAT