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A. Tailored exhibition-packages for artists

Annual theme | INTUITION and EMOTION

„Chance favors only the prepared mind.“

Louis Pasteur.

Intuition is part of creativity, the source of imagination. The developement accompanying intellect examines only the results from the subconscious. A special form of intuition bases on the brainwave, when an unexpected new thought arises.

You might have already some of these ignite brainwaves and you can probably imagine the creation of various artworks perfectly fitting to our annual theme INTUITION and EMOTION.

Maybe you want to confirm or disprove artistically as a woman or man the slogan of " female intuition"? Or you want to express emotions in a specific color scheme and bring your two- or three-dimensional artistic artworks  considering the feelings & emotions of the viewer?

Let act on the given thematic emotive buzzwords as some kind of inspiration and work togehter with us using the innovative and field-tested BURN-IN gallery method an individual and authentic exhibition. You have already worked artistically on these issues? Then it is enough to choose the appropriate work.


What is the BURN-IN gallery-method?

BURN-IN has developed a special procedure, which is based on various creativity and communications techniques focuses on individuality and authenticity of the individual.

The result: effective exhibitions that exploit the full potential of artists giving a relevant statement remembered in people's memories for a long time. BURN-IN creates the framework (themes, call for entries, curatation, accomaniment, exhibition, public relations, marketing, sales) and represents artists competently with art collectors and companies.

Procedure: Be inspired by the listed keywords, comb through your imaginary depot and develop your initial concept to the topic. BURN-IN looks forward to your online-application for 2017.

The curators team: Mag. Polzer, Mag. JaschaMag. Köpke and Dkfm. Dolzer allows you new opportunities and you new opportunities and approaches to the art market.

Keywords | Buzzwords

  • aggression
  • be ashamed | one's feeling embarrassed on account of others' behaviour
  • sorrow
  • fascination
  • lust and desire
  • enjoyment
  • longing & request
  • affect
  • unconscious
  • knowledgde and understanding
  • empathy


In the field of systemic leadership intuition is seen as an essential feature for a highly qualified management. Only when a leader has a good contact with itself as well as the employees and at the same time can feel the  needs of the market, they will be successful. Intuition (or one of its aspects) is seen as a synonym for emotional intelligence.


online-application few exhibition slots are available | preview of the upcoming Exebitions 2017 
exhibitions January to December 2017 | monthly

concept & procedure






Association submission due to buzzwords
step 1: online-submission (project description, CV, appropriate images, desired dates)
             Use our individual consultancy opportunities!

step 2: jury's decision

step 3: binding conversation with BURN-IN (gallery, telephone, skype | duration approx. 2 h)

step 4: exhibition support including consultance and curatation

no costs for online-submissions

Please note that you undertake at this time compulsory to realize the proposed project in the chosen package scope and time, when your submission has been selected by the jury.

  • The short thread
    Basic package for sophisticated artistic concept that can be easily integrated by the curatios in the exhibition concept.
    Quantitive restriction
    Paintings: up to 5m2, regardless of the number of artworks
    Sculptures: max. 3 pieces (height 2m) or 10 pieces (height 1 m)
    € 800 excl. 20% VAT
  • The long thread
    Comfort package for holistic, comprehensive project support with artistic, historical and technical brand, economically recoverable focus.
    Quantitive restriction
    Paintings: up to 10 m2, regardless of the number
    Sculptures: max. 6 pieces (height 2 m) or max.15 pieces  (height 1 m)
    € 1.500 excl. 20% VAT
  • The excellent thread
    Premium package for holistic, comprehensive project support with artistic, historical and artistic and technical brand, commercially feasible focus. 
    No quantitive restriction, incl. postal invitations (400 pcs. max. 21x21 cm), Folder (21x21 cm, 4 pages), multimedia-presentation (10 pages)
    € 3.000 excl. 20% VAT
  • The awarded thread
    Special prize.  BURN-IN awarded an artistic concept with absolute excellence and presents this not in the course of a monthly exhibition.
  • Further information
    Payment: 50%  in advance, if jury's decision is positive. 50% before the exhibition opening,  proof of payment mandatory before exhibition opening. Paypal payment ist accepted (5 % surcharge ).

BURN-IN Services

  • Artist presentation at , social media channels 
  • Presentation of the artwork of the month on the red wall
  • Press release to 100 journalists in the field of economic/art
  • BURN-IN invitations to 2.000 art enthusiasts, companies and organizations via e-mail newsletter
  • Sales | exhibition | 25%  commission on sold works of art
  • BURN-IN CD/Stick with photo gallery of the exhibition an vernissage and art historical text from the vernissage 

Diversify your art strategy!

B. Tailored packages for artists

BURN-IN membership

BURN-IN Services

  • usage of art-branding know-how incl. academically study (return on culture and business-concept for visual artists) and cooperations like "the building as a brand ambassador"
  • platform-presence with individual artist-portrait | userspecific application to the editorial, google optimated homepage, 100 artworks max. in online-shop
  • tools of communication: magazine “The usage of art strategically | Kunst strategisch einsetzen | agency-book “Insights” | folder “the building as a brand ambassador" |  more details & downloads:
  • direct-marketing and PR: 3 newsletters min. to enterprises and organisations | in-house database with 20.000 companies incl. company-specific depth data | all 350.000 austrian enterprises | 2 press-release min. to journalists
    optional: collective fairs, exhibitions, workshops


  • membership: € 500 admission fee | € 20 per month | 25% provision for artsales and art-branding projects | minimum duration: 2 years
  • Cooperation-projects/ | Marketing- and PR packages starting € 2.500 per year according to the range of services | minimum duration: 2 years
  • Claim | Requirement
    artists with firmly established brand | channels of communication – clear market-positioning | successfully communication (PR) and strategy – goal:  development and  optimization of the strategy | min. 2 projects of cooperation with BURN-IN

    Artists to establish new brands – goal: joint development of a medium-term strategy with BURN-IN

individual artists- PR and marketing packages

PR services for artists

Dolzer & Partner is – together with the artist – developing a written, detailed PR-concept and is realizing it within the period of performance.

  • strategy-workshop (actual-condition-analysis and target-planning)
    1 Meeting | duration: 3 hours
  • creation of a briefing, presentation of conceivable PR-activity
  • decision making of the activities and realization of the PR-concept incl. fixing of the budget
  • realisation of PR-activities
  • 4 press-releases per e-mail or post
    400 international contact persons max.
  • Design of all PR-releases incl. text, address-material, e-mail release, excl. image materials, special advertising material and postage…
  • reporting
  • 5 hours max. consulting, coaching, support
  • defined PR-packages € 2.000 a year | minimum duration 2 years | recommendation 3-5 years | individual  contracts by complexity


Marketing supervision for artists

Dolzer & Partner is – together with the artist – developing a written, detailed branding/marketing-concept and is realizing it within the period of performance.

  • strategy-workshop (actual-condition-analysis and target-planning)
    2 Meeting | duration: 3 hours
  • creation of a briefing, presentation of  conceivable PR- and marketing-activities,  outlining of the optimal mix of communications
  • resolution of activities and finishing of marketing-concept incl. framework of budgeting
  • realisation of marketing-activities in the performance period
  • reporting
  • 5 hours max. consulting, coaching, support
  • defined marketing packages € 3.000 a year | minimum duration 2 years | recommendation 3-5 years | individual  contracts by complexity


Combi-Package (PR und Marketing)

By definition, the individual packages PR and Marketing € 3,500 a year

Presented packages are for orientation and describe those scope which is obtained for an effective artist support during one year, and is based on BURN-IN past experience . We are happy to develop customized offers based on your individual requirements.

All prices excl. 20 % VAT