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Authentic, new online presence for Ladislav Černý


Authentic, new online presence for Ladislav Černý

Digital transformation for artists

Based on culture, processes and technology


Many artists are convincing with their independent works and their strong personalities. But when it comes to digital communication or transformation, the importance of which has now been recognized by almost all classic art market participants (The Art Basel UBS Art Market Report 21), great opportunities are being missed. Here, one relies on digital mass merchandise or actions without having developed longer-term, sustainable, and authentic positioning strategies beforehand.

That's why BURN-IN has been taking a different approach for many years and offers positioning workshops that form the foundation for a successful digital transformation. After all, only when you know what you stand for can you take further targeted steps.

With the new trilingual online presence of Ladislav Černý, BURN-IN is currently presenting a case study that, in addition to the classic portfolio and background information, above all photographs the very personal snapshots of his daily life and also documents them in geocoded form. Černý creating art, at events, with multifaceted portraits. Strong digital impressions, authentically communicated on the digital/social channels.

The viewer intuitively and unconsciously grasps the soul of his work, his strong urge for independence, his powerful imagery, his monumentality, his strength - and all this coupled with an immeasurable liveliness and sensitivity.

Workshops and concept: Sonja Dolzer
online: Lukas Dolzer






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Sometimes all it takes is a single, precise snapshot to make a situation intuitively graspable and comprehensible.

With the "Snapshots of Life" section, Černý provides highly intimate insights that document his infinite facets. His very personal snapshots inspire, because they tell authentic stories of his very normal everyday life!

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