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New online presence for Richard Fischer


During the Corona Shutdown, something truly sensational was created in-house at BURN-IN.

The new, extremely authentic online presence of Richard Fischer, who with his sensitive floral works has collectors worldwide with his sensitive floral works and, with The Floral Sculptures & Endangered Species Society and perfectly stages them pictorially. 

If you would like to learn more about dying divas, a voice for flowers, plants under pressure, a tribute to flowers, light paintings or art of less, then visit the new homepage of the contemporary "Karl Blossfeldt".


Workshops and concept: Sonja Dolzer
online: Lukas Dolzer


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Richard Fischer Frontapge

Perfection in imagery

Whether mobile or desktop,
the works always present themselves perfectly.

Responsive design makes it possible!

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Website Richard Fischer on iPad with responsive Design
Website Richard Fischer on phone with responsive Design


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Richard Fischer, Ambassador of flowers

Richard Fischer | Ambassador of Flowers

Richard Fischer is not only a photographer and artist, but also an ambassador of flowers. His mission: To create awareness for the floral diversity on our planet.

For more than 20 years, he has been concerned with the world's drastically decreasing floral diversity and founded the association Floral Sculptures & Endangered Flowers to promote these causes.

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