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From positioning workshop to authentic artist story

BURN-IN makes your potential visible to all!

The exclusive BURN-IN First Mover visioning and positioning workshops are extraordinarily attractive offers for artists who want to open up new horizons and succeed with compelling storytelling with BURN-IN as an external sparring partner.

In an absolutely confidential atmosphere (individual workshops), Sonja Dolzer (BURN-IN founder | art and marketing expert) develops a holistic vision and positioning concept in 4-6 workshops (period of about two years), which focuses on your medium- to long-term artistic work, their positioning (USP) including brand development and current international trends (art market, artistic developments). In doing so, she uses a wide variety of creativity techniques (brainstorming, mindmapping, gallery method) and classic management tools (SWOT...).

The workshops live from the lively, open dialogue, are absolutely practical and are always oriented to the individual questions and needs of the artists.


BURN-IN art branding navigation for art creators

BURN-IN art branding navigation for art creators



BURN-IN as a professional sparring partner | creative storyteller | workshop organizer!

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  • promotes and optimizes your potential
  • develops an emotional brand and strategically positions
  • tells meaningful stories






Sonja Dolzer led the workshops and wrote the short story

Sonja Dolzer led the workshops and wrote the short story "QUEST" for Andrea Langensiepen


Case Study Storytelling & Positioning Workshops
Andrea Langensiepen


A particularly interesting first-mover journey developed since 2019 with the Tyrolean Andrea Langensiepen, a highly successful fashion designer whose heart beats for art since early youth. Despite numerous artistic trainings with the most renowned professors (Lüpertz, Nitsch, Attersee, Scheibl), Langensiepen always had the feeling that she was missing the BIG PIC, the big mission. Together they started with the vision and positioning work. After 3 workshops the most important questions were clarified, the positioning concept was written and several new horizons were "opened". The implementation began. Storytelling became a central part of the strategy, especially since concise stories are remembered for a long time, they burn themselves in. The brand is created via the myth of the story(ies).


Using the synergies of the first workshops, Sonja Dolzer wrote the short story Chloe's Paradoxical Double Life and the Eternally Gnawing QUEST, which takes as its theme the Greek drama Daphnis and Chloe. The author sets this historical epic in the present and in Langensiepen's native Tyrolean climes. This strong contrast arouses curiosity in the reader, especially since the protagonist (similar to the artist) oscillates between different worlds and often doubts. The reader suspects the artist in Chloe. This remains unspoken to all for dramaturgical reasons.

The story is placed in the tense context with Langensiepen's artworks from the QUEST cycle and thus unfolds its full power. The case study convinces through the successful strategic symbiosis of positioning, brand development and storytelling and thus creates enormous advantages in the art market, where there is enormous international competition for communication.

Workshops and Storytelling: Sonja Dolzer

Layout short story QUEST: Lukas Dolzer

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People love stories because they become embedded in our brains, are remembered "forever," and help counter information overflow in a positive way.

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