BURN-IN update | Schließung ab 17.11.2020 | heute letzter offener Tag im Gerngross

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BURN-IN update | corona-virus

When the world is upside down, we all have to concentrate on the essential things in life, demonstrate humanity, courage and deal with the new, challenging framework in the best possible way. This is the only way we can master the crisis together and emerge stronger from it.

With this in mind, the BURN-IN gallery in Gerngross will remain closed from Monday, March 16th, based on government requirements, until further notice.

As usual, the BURN-IN team is at your side and will give advice and support via telephone, email and all social media channels.

All the best for you and your families!

Sonja Dolzer

PS .: Just take a llittle BURN-IN art break in these difficult times. Explore our online depot and draw new strength and inspiration from it.