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USA Seminare & Kunst-Interventionen | Report

Seminar 09.11.2015
Seminar 13.11.2015
Seminar 14.11.2015

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For almost one year BURN-IN and Prof. Carl Raschke (University of Denver)  have been planning the US market entry. This November Sonja Dolzer and Renate Polzer held 3 seminars  on the subject of Creative Placemaking and Art-Branding in Denver, Dallas und Oklahoma City, compared european and american approaches and presented completely new and sustainable BURN-IN solutions for companies, communities and artists.

Within these events BURN-IN organized art-interventions to the issue of regional identities, which had a strong appeal to the audience. All artworks will be exhibited in Theater 166 in Dallas in January 2016!

The expressive sequence of images documents the successful seminar-series, which will by continued in 2016. Attached you find the original speech as a PDF.

BURN-IN Ignite Seminars & Art-Interventions 11/2015 | an overview

  1. Creative Placemaking and strategic Art-Branding
    Developments on the international art- and communications-market - globalization of branding & art
    Creative Placemaking | ART-Branding | the macroeconomic point  
    Culture counts | the european top-down approach
    Philosophy of UNESCO, EU supporting program for culture, art and creativity until 2020 | endowment 1,5 Mrd.€ 
    Regional programmes | Creative Region Upper Austria 
    Case Studies | Linz 09, Linz City of Media Arts, AEC, Prix Ars Electronica
  2. BURN-IN offers | focusing companies and local communities
    The Return on Culture concept | trademark BURN-IN | the platform | the gallery, think & do tank
    The Storytelling concept | the iceberg model
    Trends in arts sponsorship | the BURN-IN USP: art-branding
    CSR | brand equity | corporate identity | intangible assets
  3. BURN-IN offers | focusing artists
    aktive development of art-branding projects | BURN-IN as a navigator 
    New exhibition format for 2016 | the gallery-method | annual theme: Diversity contra Identity? Values and culture
    Presentation of the gallery-portfolio and the philosophy | invitation to US artists | call for entries 2016 (american quarter) 
  4. Vienna Secession, Wiener Werkstätte, Arts & Crafts movement and Bauhaus
    Similarities and new aspects concerning BURN-IN
    The Bilbao-Effect
    Mass Migration to Europe | consequences 
  5. BURN-IN goals and follow up
    Acquisition of companies, organizations, communities and artists 
    Acquisition of strategic partners (galleries, management-consultants, investors)
    International cultural exchange 
    Initiation of an international, interdisciplinary book-project  |Creative Placemaking and Art-Branding
  6. Art-Interventions | focusing the regional identities of Denver, Dallas & Oklahoma City
    Speed Creativity via Écriture automatique  

    Short-Intervention | 40 Minuten
    Long-Intervention | 180 Minuten

Bringing people together is the main purpose of our Art Interventions. We have been creating this workshops especially for managers to offer teambuilding workshops to their crew as a strategy to fully deploy their creative potential and optimize group dynamics.

For our art-intervention we have been creating a method to reflect images, feelings and expressions without being affected by the critical „I“

Écriture automatique is one of these methods for free association. The poets in Surrealism used it for their experimental literature. We were transforming it for our team-painting program in a sort of blind painting, not only working on a visual but as well on an emotional level.



BURN-IN offered through a short art-intervention an authentic insight of the regional identities of DENVER.

Working with oil pastel on the first shape and graphite sticks used blindfolded for the regional drawings,  the participants created 4 stretched canvas paintings.

Afterwards we could get some very interesting interpretations of the participants,  belonging to good urban energy - to Colfax, the longest road in the USA  - circles going bigger and bigger and airport lines. Very special images of Denver belonging to the mountain skyline, red rocks, sunset  and the cultural idea of „5 years out“ are showing up in this creative ideas.

We interpret the strong, detailed drawings as the live-dominating Rocky Mountains of Denver and a lot of movement concerning the rising traffic. In between just some yellow parts are showing sun coming through and circles and spirals are symbolizing projects to be realized.



In Dallas BURN-IN as well asked for  ideas about regional identities. The same technical style with oil pastel and graphite sticks blindfolded was used. The results were however a little bit different. We were using 5 square shaped canvases

The first shape in oil pastel was used not in a drawing style, but rather in a presentation of painting areas. Major details were written by the participants directly on their artworks with graphite sticks in the end of the creative process. The main spots were: Dallas Cowboys - Oil - Stars of Texas - Energy Connection and Sky Scrapers.

These slogans are needless to interpret and show - like in Denver - a strong identity to the symbols of the region.

Oklahoma City


BURN-IN presented in the Oklahoma Art Intervention a longer workshop of three hours. We were working with only 2 acrylic colors as a dominating layer, printing one canvas against the next one. Our theme was Diversity. Important points for this intervention were sensibility and empathy, because parts of the painting were covered by other shapes through the process of printing. We did not only two prints, but we mixed all 8 canvases, receiving very interesting results. The last part of this creative artworks were again blindfolded drawings with graphite sticks.

There were 5 participants, two of them artists. The important interpretations of them were partly concerning to symbols of the tribes living in the surrounding: i.e. bird wings and snakes, as icons of dynamic and power. On the other side wind, mountains, sky and grass were a point of interest, concluded with words concerning to connection, contact and movement.

As we were using red and blue acrylic color, and asked to paint stripes, we thought, they would choose the well-known „stars and stripes“-symbols. But in the end the stripes were not straight and no stars appeared. The result was a  series of 8 paintings, each one in relation with the other.