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BURN-IN Review 2023

In 2023, Vienna's BURN-IN Gallery attracted and inspired a large number of art enthusiasts and visitors to Kaufhaus Gerngross with its diverse and exciting programmes. By programming exquisite exhibitions, the gallery has further expanded its presence in Vienna and established itself as an important art space.

BURN-IN Review 2023

Top works of art


Botanische Revolution - das Leben sp√ľren II + III
Botanische Revolution - das Leben sp√ľren II + III

Andrea Langensiepen Austria
Paintings 180 x 280 cm



who is who
who is who

Ellen Semen Austria
Paintings 180 x 180 cm


curated by Alberta

Cuando las Olas a√ļn no eran curvas
Cuando las Olas a√ļn no eran curvas

Aurora Cid Spain
Paintings 180 x 360 cm




Out of Joint


Flowers do not bleed

Myth & Minimalism: Insights into the World of Forms

In the realm of the white shadows


who is who
BURN-IN at the 75. Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023

In 2023, the Frankfurt Book Fair turns 75 and BURN-IN will be there live and has the great honor of having an Expert's Corner directly at the central stand of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber alongside well-known publishers (Styria, Otto M√ľller, Braum√ľller, GPS, Hauptverband des √Ėsterr.

GreenART curated by BURN-IN

Art meets sustainability:  
The unstoppable power of GreenART in the context of entrepreneurial activity.

GreenART: More than just art | Strategic art and corporate culture | Art branding: a bridge between art and business | BURN-IN: a holistic approach | GreenART and world heritage: a dialog | CSR and GreenART: an interplay.

The mission of BURN-IN and the GreenART program, which was launched by Sonja Dolzer in 2009, is an ode to the symbiosis of art and business and its transformative power. With a future-oriented view, BURN-IN strives to establish GreenART even more intensively not only in companies, but also in organizations, art collections and among art lovers. The idea is to focus on art as a catalyst for sustainability and cultural reflection.

An important step in this mission was BURN-IN's presence at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, where the Experts Corner developed into a lively forum for exchange and inspiration. This international stage underlines BURN-IN's ambition to expand the boundaries of the classical art world and reach a global B2B audience.

Another milestone is the three-year cooperation in the atypical art space in Gerngross, where over 20 curated exhibitions have taken place. This commitment reflects BURN-IN's dedication to making art accessible to a wide audience and promoting the democratic spirit of art.

The mission of BURN-IN and GreenART is to integrate art into everyday life and create spaces where art is not only viewed but also experienced. Through interactive installations and creative workshops in corporate environments, art becomes an integral part of corporate culture and helps promote a sustainable, conscious approach to our world.

At a time when the boundaries between nature, culture and business are becoming increasingly blurred, GreenART is at the forefront of this movement by building a bridge between these worlds. It is more than just a program; it is a movement that aims to fundamentally change the way we look at art, business and the environment. BURN-IN and GreenART are thus not only pioneers in the art world, but also pioneers for a more sustainable, inclusive future.