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BURN-IN has a burning passion for art and ignites lasting added value for art collectors, companies, regions and artists with its exciting art branding.


The contemporary BURN-In gallery regards itself as an exquisite art salon, as an art space for the enjoyment of art. BURN-IN attaches particular importance to proximity to art and to customers, and the communication and promotion of art. We are very much open to the new and international.

BURN-IN’s unique selling point is based on the fertilising symbiosis of gallery and think tank. Art combined with branding. The application of passion, but with a fruitful relationship as well. Art branding and creative place-making as the providers of impetus for lively corporate cultures and thriving living and working environments. Art is thought of completely differently and realised in a strategic and promising way.

For this, BURN-IN applies an established, professional communication and marketing concept that has been worked out over a long period of time. Online channels and personal contact with art collectors, media and companies play the decisive role in this.

BURN-IN supports and manages artists on their way up. The artist management comprises the rough planning of careers (vision work), consultancy and strategy development, contact work, concrete project development and representation externally (customers, media, interested parties) incl. all relevant contractual negotiations and/or processing of contracts.

Sparring partner

In all of this, the focus is always upon trusting, appreciative cooperative. BURN-In sees itself as a sporting sparring partner, seeking long-term cooperation with artists. Motivating, always honest and even pointing out “problematic” aspects with constructive criticism. Always focussing on the big picture, the lasting success of the artist.

Professional work deserves appropriate, fair remuneration. As a private gallery, it is our commercial obligation to act in a sustainable and profit-oriented fashion and to handle resources intelligently.